Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wall graphic at Landmark

Wall graphic at Landmark Store, Pune

Gulzar sits down at his table to write and books like paper butterflies land on his shoulder… Rajnikant holds Ravan aloft on his little finger, who bursts out crying at this debacle! Pu La Deshpandeholds an umbrella to prevent Ravan’s tears from dripping onto his readers… Usha Uthup belts out a peppy number, A R Rahman plays the synthesizer formed of buildings along a city road… Prabhudeva makes some super moves, while vehicles rumble past him… as if to suggest that you must be as agile as him to avert the Indian traffic! aba Ramdev, hangs upside down from the overhanging wires between two buildings.Sachin plays cricket on a skyscraper – having been bestowed a god-like status in the country, his cricket ball is the sun!

Creators of a World

Architects, artists, designers, photographers and landscapers aren't God. But they are creators of a world we like to see.