Monday, July 13, 2009

The Fiasco that wasn't

About six years ago, I met a nutcase one evening; he recognized me as one of his own kind and we collected others of our tribe. We quickly decided we wanted to come out with a satirical humour magazine. We were all a bunch of firebrand comic supporters and creators... but what we weren't were marketing people. Our baby 'Fiasco' died a one issue death from want of incisive R&D, marketing know-how, and promotional enterprise. Not-to-mention finance :)

Much later, whenever I spoke to people about it, I always joked that 'Fiasco' lived up to its reputation...

Today I realise not everything can be measured in terms of its epidermal success. Fiasco gave me things that have stayed with me long after the pinch of the magazine not taking off died away - A bunch of friends with whom I've done some kickass work since; the taste of things not working out first, so you really relish the times when they do; A pretty good education in what looks good, bad and quite ugly on paper and several other lessons...

When you look at it that way, Fiasco may have lived up to its rep in terms of not kicking off... but as far as its importance in my scheme of things goes, it was the Fiasco that wasn't :)

The above image is a Fiasco poster I'd done back then. Real freak show

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