Wednesday, July 8, 2009

night sketches

Putting up some sketches I'd done some years ago.....
A couple of friends and I had gone to a coastal village called Sasawane. Laid-back, tranquil, unchanged for ages... We spent the mornings sketching. We spent the afternoons sketching....and at nightfall we gave the bats company with our sketchpads in tow. Monotonous? was fun!
The first sketch here was a place down the road from where we were staying. The bright red lantern was a remnant from last Diwali and someone had forgotten to take it off. Bless his soul. It complimented the blues perfectly!
The next one was done at roughly 3.00 am from the sit-out of a lovely bungalow on the beach, we had the good fortune of staying at for a couple of days. Mumbai sleeps on the horizon, with its necklace of lights. It was a beautiful sight. This sketch was done in pitch blackness since we had absolutely no source of light in the garden outside, except the moonlight. Moonlight is very poetic but has its shortcomings if you're depending on it to help you distinguish between Carmine and Crimson or virtually anything actually, at 3 in the morning. We had a great time though.
The next morning, we discovered there was a cremation square in the adjoining yard. Thankfully, that was next morning, or this sketch might've never happened...

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